Shoaibi Group Unveils New Corporate Identity

Shoaibi Group has unveiled its new corporate brand identity, supported with a re-designed creative website which was developed over the past 12 months with the aim of redefining and energizing the brand.

To coincide with the unveiling of Shoaibi Group's new corporate identity, the company has launched its new website which has been completely revamped and enhanced in design and content in order to better showcase its people, international partners and investments base more effectively.

The new corporate identity and brand strategy builds on the respected family owned business brand founded over 40 years ago. "Our new look facilitates its continuous evolution to remain relevant and contemporary, as the Group expands into global markets and technological innovations in the industry," said Walid Al Shoaibi, Group Managing Director.

Shoaibi Group which has been growing rapidly over the past decade, has a extensive range of leading international partners, and investments predominately in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, as well as power, telecommunications, and financial institutions. The new identity fits all sectors as is not limited to a certain industry, meaning as the Group expands, logo will always stay relevant. The new identity is a perfect reflection of the Group itself, professional, innovative and dynamic.

The design of the logo, using 3 separate symbols moving in a circular shape, is a motif which depicts a three-way operational philosophy between Shoaibi Group's: people, partners, and customers, continuously working together in synergy, as well as its 3- way business model between the MENA Regional opportunities, International Partners, and the Shoaibi Group. 

Mae Chami, the Group's Corporate Communications Manager who announced the new look, said, "Our modern, dynamic website, with its fresh new look and improved user functionality, has been designed to showcase and platform Shoaibi Group’s diverse range of portfolio companies and investments. The website is as an important communications channel to build brand awareness and educate potential new partners on Shoaibi Group's capabilities."