Black Dragon Turns on Taps at Humble Project

Black Dragon announced that the third well on the Humble EOR Project has been placed into production. These three wells are producing 17-20 barrels of oil per day (BOPD). The production estimates for these wells, once the EOR project has commenced, is an estimated 200 barrels of oil per day (BOPD).

Dragon intends to use a revolutionary patented EOR chemical to greatly increase production output. This patented EOR chemical that will be used thins heavy, almost tar like oil and helps the oil to be easily extracted from the sand that it is embedded in. Additionally, the chemical repels oil, allowing the steam to force the residual oil down toward the producing wells, leaving extremely low percentages of oil left in place and maximizing production recovery. Initial production rates will be greatly enhanced once the EOR chemical is introduced to the targeted porous sand formation via steam injection. Mr. Smith stated, "Black Dragon is committed to continually finding new technology applications which increase production rates in an industry which still largely operates on antiquated technology. BDGR intends to become a symbol of technological advancement for the oil and gas industry."