Danfoss Sea Recovery Launches New Controller for Water Systems

Danfoss Sea Recovery introduced a revolutionary controller that lets users operate and monitor their Danfoss Sea Recovery water systems. With 3 levels of control configurations, there is a controller that accommodates any experience level. All configuration levels are equipped with a touch screen display that uses an intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate, monitor, and solve any issues that may occur.

"The Industrial line of Controllers is our most advanced compliment to our water systems," said Thomas Farshler, Director of Commercial Division. "With the Industrial Series Controller, users will save time and will be able to handle maintenance procedures."

Danfoss Sea Recovery's Industrial Controller is compatible with any Danfoss Sea Recovery water systems. Like all Danfoss Sea Recovery products, this controller is designed and built to surpass safety standards, featuring a neat and safe assembly for the interior wiring along with a waterproof exterior. Currently, The new Tasman Sea T-2 and the North Sea Modular systems come equipped with the basic controller configuration. The three configuration levels range from semi-automatic to fully automatic controls.

The first choice is the semi-auto Basic Control System. Equipped with a 4 inch touch screen interface that displays multiple warning messages, performance and monitoring alerts, and product salinity monitoring. It also gives your system a single point tank level control with an automatic start up and shut down function.

An upgrade from the Basic Controller is the Digital Controller. This configuration includes all the features of the Basic Control System along with more advanced display monitoring features such as an 8 inch full color display of all system pressures, flow rates, automated valve positions, and filtration system blockages. It’s interactive on-screen help guide aids in the detection and repair of system faults. The Digital Control System also has the ability to perform automatic start ups and shut downs depending on the product tank water level.

The Automatic Control System is the most advanced level of control and couldn't be easier to operate. This truly automated configuration practically eliminates the need for an operator. It's automated features include the fresh water flush, media filter backwash, pre and post treatment, system pressure regulation, and back pressure regulation. Best of all, The Automatic Control System comes with a standard full MODBUS Communications Package.

The Ethernet/Modbus Communication Package is offered as an option for both Basic and Digital Control Systems and comes standard the Fully Automatic Control System. It seamlessly integrates into locally hosted control systems allowing real time remote monitoring of process instrumentation, system performance, as well as remote notification of detected system errors, and detailed 'Maintenance Requests'. You can even start and stop your system remotely with a single command.