Titan Torque Launches New Drill Bit Protector

Titan Torque Services has launched a new model of its specially-designed drill bit protector as it aims to increase its turnover to £2million during this financial year. 

The protector, made from high-density polyethylene, is already in use by many major North Sea operators and has been designed to make best use of resources and bolster safety in drilling operations. 

It is only part of the wider product portfolio of the business, set up in 2008 to provide pre-made drilling assemblies to the offshore market. 

Titan, with six employees, has already doubled the size of its facility in the city’s East Tullos Industrial Estate to 10,000sq ft to cope with demand for its customized equipment range. 

Managing director Keith Gaskin said, "We've devised and developed the protector to create a very distinct offering to the market in terms of transporting and deploying oilfield drilling assemblies. 

"In essence, it can deliver significant savings to operators and makes for a much safer offshore working environment during drilling operations. 

"It's already being deployed by numerous operators, including Shell and Maersk Oil North Sea, and the interest it is generating means we expect it to be in use internationally in the near future.  

"It is impact-resistant, extremely robust, easy to deploy and engineered for use with any type of drill bit – qualities that help overcome many of the logistical issues encountered by operators." 

The protector encases the drill bit during transportation offshore, following the pre-make of the bottom hole assembly (BHA). 

"The technology has become a central part of our market offering. It means the entire assembly can be transported offshore safely and securely as a single unit, instead of in several component parts," said Keith Gaskin. "That significantly reduces the number of equipment lifts between the deck and rig floor, potentially by around 75% given the likely number of individual components. 

"It also removes the need for the manual make up and subsequent break out of the assembly offshore, eliminating the use of rig tongs and impact tools. Both of those features mean enhanced safety during operations that are always potentially hazardous." 

Titan Torque Services specializes in the make up and break out of BHA’s, drill string components and casing. Its capabilities extend to make up/break out from 2 3/8 inches up to 22 inches diameter of pipe using its High Torque or Fully Rotational Torque Units with up to 200,000ft lbs of torque available. This enables Titan Torque Services Limited to provide tailored solutions for all industry torque requirements.