AGM Launches RECON 4.0 -- Now on Windows Desktop

Austin GeoModeling (AGM) has released the latest version of its revolutionary 3D Geological Interpretation software, RECON® 4.0, now operating on the Windows platform. Addressing the technology gap between seismic and 3D modeling software, RECON 4.0 delivers increased workflow flexibility and efficiency through extended platform support and an enhanced, more intuitive user experience.

"RECON® 4.0 is the most comprehensive release to date, delivering a step-change in productivity for exploration and development geologists," said Robin Dommisse, CEO of AGM. "Expanding onto new platforms enables a broader audience to benefit from the unique and automated RECON workflows. Geoscientists are able to reduce interpretation cycle time on average by over 50%, providing the time to investigate sensitivities and uncertainties to ultimately produce a superior understanding of the subsurface."

RECON® 4.0 supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. Extended OS support allows users to access larger data volumes and to analyze data more efficiently for detailed and productive correlation of massive well data sets. Increased performance brings even faster computational and visualization speed to the Cascade Technology® embedded in RECON that delivers instant re-calculation and visualization of structure and attributes when new data is added or edited. Change a pick in a well and instantly and automatically the geologic surface is updated, the entire stratigraphic framework is recomputed, all of the isochores between the geologic surfaces are rebuilt and the property distribution maps are re-calculated. All of the updated interpreted data is redisplayed in 3D, section and map view simultaneously providing immediate feedback on the interpretation modification. No other application comes close to providing this level of interpretation performance and accuracy.

RECON® is designed around the needs of users and their workflows. In RECON 4.0, the entire user experience has been completely refreshed, making it easier to learn and easier to use. "AGM is focused on delivering continuous innovations that are intuitive," said Tron Isaksen, President of AGM. "We create value for our customers by automating many of the tedious, repetitive workflows, freeing the geologists to focus on geology, allowing a more thorough, detailed analysis, resulting in a more accurate reservoir interpretation."