Samson O&G Updates on North Dakota Well

Samson O&G provided operational advice on the Gene 1-22H well located in Williams County, North Dakota.

Gene #1-22H (30.6% working interest)

The initial flow back results which emerged from the Gene #1-22H pointed to a sand plug having developed within the well bore. This conclusion came from the observation that the Easter Sunday rate of 1,112 BOEPD rate from the toe end of the well was not surpassed when the balance of the frac job had been completed.

In order to rectify this situation a work over rig was brought in, and using a snubbing unit, the frac plugs were drilled and residual frac sand was removed. An immediate large pressure response was observed when a plug near the heal of the well was drilled, indicating the existence of this blockage. The incidence of sand plugs occurring in these frac jobs is not an unusual occurrence as the residual frac sand drops out of the flow stream as the stream flows through the limited diameter frac plug.

In the eight hour period following the completion of the clean out operation the well flowed at an average rate of 2,406 BOPD and 3,180 MSCFD for a combined rate of 2,936 BOEPD. The current operation is running a tubing string after which the well will be placed into production.