Boots & Coots Sets Up Fire Safety Base at OSU

Boots & Coots is collaborating with Oklahoma State University (OSU) to establish the Boots & Coots Center for Fire Safety & Pressure Control in OSU's Fire Protection and Safety Technology (FPST) department.

The Center's purpose is to advance the state-of-the-art in petroleum operations risk management and fire protection worldwide through education, training, research and innovation. In addition to training and education, the curriculum will include a Distinguished Seminar Series, the development of a hazard management competancy assessment matrix, researching best practices to support Boots & Coots' Hazard Management Process and the development and delivery of a Petroleum Fire Safety and Pressure Control Certificate Program.

"The establishment of the Boots & Coots Fire Safety & Pressure Control Center is strategically consistent with our vision of being the premier pressure control company for the petroleum industry and supports our objective to be a knowledge and technology based trusted advisor to our customers, rather than simply another service contractor," said Jerry Winchester, president and chief executive officer of Boots & Coots. "The Center will provide additional training and materials for our existing programs as well as a conduit for intellectual resources."

"We are excited about the Boots & Coots collaboration. The Center will lead to an enhanced campus experience for FPST students as well as help us continue our legacy of developing outstanding fire and safety professionals. Students will learn state-of-the-art technologies used by Boots & Coots and apply these technologies to real world problems. Alternatively, Boots & Coots will benefit by developing students and expanding its knowledge base in fire safety and pressure control," said Dr. Michael Larranaga, Department Head of the FPST Department.

The Center will be housed in OSU's Department of Fire Protection and Safety Technology, led by a departmental faculty member, and will be overseen by an advisory board composed of representatives of the petrochemical industry.

"The Center will work closely with our technology group, which includes PhDs in Petroleum Engineering as well as subject matter experts in relief wells, multi-phase flow, enterprise risk management and software development," continued Mr. Winchester. "Our goal is to develop technologies that help petroleum companies manage risks associated with oil and gas exploration, development and recovery activities."