Petrolia Evaluates Progress on Quebec Wells

Pétrolia announced that completion and evaluation work is still in progress at the Tar Point No 1, Haldimand No 1, and Haldimand No 2 wells, located in the Gaspé region of Quebec.

However, assessment work is much more advanced on Haldimand No. 1, where Management confirms that it is still planning to begin production in June and that it will present in the Fall, to the appropriate ministries, a request for a production lease for the whole Haldimand property.

Nature of operations on the three wells

The completion work at the wells enables a better assessment of the true potential of the zones that yielded indications of gas and oil during the drilling. When drilling ends, the porous zones are effectively isolated by means of steel casings cemented into the wells, which then allows them to be tested separately. The first stage in evaluating the areas of interest consists of perforating the casing to reestablish communication between the porous formations and the borehole. These perforations are then washed with acid to clean out the cement used to secure the casing, and to improve the flow of fluids from the porous formations into the well. The perforated zones were then subjected to production tests during which both the volumes of fluids produced and the pressures under which these liquids were delivered were noted. When the testing was completed, production was interrupted to monitor the pressure increase, which indicates the formation's ability to replace the fluids extracted. Analysis of these data will then enable assessment of parameters such as the formation's permeability, its production capacity, and so on, with a view to designing the equipment required for the permanent production facilities.

Pétrolia Tar Point No. 1

The Pétrolia Tar Point No. 1 well was drilled between October 23 and December 7, 2009, to a depth of 2,434 m. The completion work began on January 15, 2010 and ended on February 15th. This work mainly involved the Indian Cove limestones, which were perforated and then stimulated with acid. Downhole pressure recorders were installed on February 1, 2010 and removed from the well on March 27, 2010. The production and pressure data are currently being studied by the Petro Management Group, in Calgary.

Pétrolia Haldimand No. 1

On February 16, 2010, the completion drill used at Tar Point No. 1 was moved to the Haldimand No. 1 wellsite. Additional intervals totaling 21 m were perforated in the Upper York River zone, providing 41.5 m of perforated intervals over the 148 m upper oil-bearing zone (952 – 1,100 m KB). The well is currently undergoing production testing which is expected to continue until April 25th, 2010 after which the well will be shut-in for a 30-day pressure build-up.

Pétrolia Haldimand No. 2

Completion work on this well began on March 20, 2010. Intervals totaling 93 m in thickness were perforated and cleaned with acid. Pressure recorders were lowered to the bottom of the well on March 28th, 2010 and should be recovered during the next few weeks.