Tendeka Launches New Temperature Sensing System

Tendeka launched the new Sensornet Oryx-XR Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system, designed for use in harsh environments.

The Oryx-XR is an enhanced version of the original Oryx system, which was launched in 2009. The upgraded model has an extended sensing range, increased from 4km to 12km, and an improved measurement performance, which can provide a temperature resolution as fine as 0.010C.

The autonomous, low powered device provides temperature samples every meter along a fiber, with a wide operating temperature window of between -50C to 650C and can operate by solar or wind power. The permanent, standalone unit contains the sensing optoelectronics and operates remotely with an intuitive, user-friendly software interface, making it a simple-to-use and easily transportable system.

The Oryx-XR features an inbuilt multiplexing module with either two or four channels, enabling up to four single ended measurements or two double-ended measurements. It provides data back to the client's office by any available satellite, radio or fiber communications link, making it a powerful remote logging DTS unit.

The system has been designed to complement the performance of Tendeka's existing range of Sentinel DTS units, making it suitable for the toughest monitoring challenges, such as horizontal well activity.

Dan Watley, Tendeka's vice president for Upstream Digital Monitoring, said, "The Oryx-XR is a natural progression of the original system. Technology developments mean we can now provide monitoring across greater lengths and even smaller temperature differences. Operators are increasingly targeting harder to reach reserves with increasingly complex wells and the Oryx-XR technology is ideally suited to monitoring for these challenging applications."