TN-K Completes Drilling on Kentucky Wells

TN-K Energy announced that drilling has been completed on three additional well locations on the JR Clark, Pansy Clark and Willis Bradley leases in Green County, Kentucky.

TN-K Energy announced that oil was struck in all three locations, including the JR Clark Well # 1H in the Knox formation at 1,800 feet, the Pansy Clark Well # P12 in the Murfreesboro formation at 1,312 feet and in the Willis Bradley Well #4 in the Knox formation at 1,750 feet. The company is now in the process of completing and testing these wells.

TN-K Energy has approximately 60 more locations to be drilled on the JR and Pansy Clark leases and four more locations to be drilled on the Willis Bradley lease in Green County, Kentucky.

The company further announced that it is in the process of obtaining all the necessary permits to begin drilling operations on the Todd Anderson Well #3 in Clinton County, Kentucky. This lease is in a very productive area in which the company has three leases for a total of over 100 acres with approximately 20 more locations to be drilled.

In total the company has an excess of 80 wells to be drilled on our leases, due to our previous acquisitions.

"I am very excited over the amount of work we are doing," said Ken Page, President and CEO of TN-K Energy. "At times we have three drilling crews running on our leases at little or no cost to the company, while retaining 27.5% to 50% interest in the wells being drilled."