Brinx Resources Cases 6th OK Well

Brinx Resources has completed drilling and run production casing at the OK-4 #2 well, making it their sixth consecutive successful well at the Oklahoma Projects drill programs.

Initial electric and radiation logs indicated that the well had encountered multiple pay zones and the decision was made to directly run production casing. The OK-4 #2 was part of a two well drill program targeting hydrocarbon bearing sands similar to that encountered at the Company's successful 09-3 #2 well located less than one-half mile to the east.

To date, Brinx and its partners have drilled six consecutive successful wells at Oklahoma Projects drill programs, including two of which that are currently producing and selling oil and gas at a combined stabilized rate of over 400 barrels of oil per day with approximately 250 thousand cubic feet of natural gas. A third well that tested at over one million cubic feet of natural gas per day along with 20 barrels of oil is awaiting a pipeline to be completed later this month before production and selling. The three remaining wells, including the OK-4 #2, will be completed over the next several weeks.

"The success rate in our recent Oklahoma drill programs has been exceptional," said Leroy Halterman, President of Brinx Resources. "Not only will these wells have a positive impact on our current cash flow and growth, but it should also be noted that all six wells have additional up-the-hole pay zones that will be completed by the partners at a later time."