Coastal Strikes Oil in Gulf of Thailand

The Benjarong A-01 exploration well was drilled to a total depth of 10,565 feet (3,220 meters), encountering 84 feet (26 meters) of net oil pay in the Eocene primary reservoir based on wireline log data. Porosity in the reservoir averages 12%, and in the shallower section of the Eocene reservoir, the well encountered 17 feet (5 meters) of apparent net oil pay with 15.1% porosity. Furthermore, the company spudded a second well, Benjarong A-02, to test Lower Oligocene and Eocene objectives in a structure separate from the Benjarong A-01 well. Upon completion of the well, the company will perform a flow test. The Benjarong A-01 well has similar characteristics similar to that of the original Benjarong-1 well that was drilled in 1996. Commercial vitality of the well will not be determined until a production flow test is conducted, which will be conducted soon. If deemed commercially viable, both production wells will be tied into a MOPU and produced in a manner similar to the nearby Songkhla A field.

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