Mainland Appoints New Member to Advisory Committee

Mainland Resources has appointed Joseph P. Kennedy II to its Advisory Committee.

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. currently heads and is Founder of Citizens Energy Corporation. Mr. Kennedy Jr. is a former Member of The U.S. House Of Representatives, where he held the seat for Massachusetts' 8th district from 1986 through 1999. He also served on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, passing legislation to strengthen the veterans' health-care system, to investigate the causes of Gulf War syndrome, and to provide medical treatment for veterans of the first Persian Gulf War. In 1999 Mr. Kennedy Jr. left the house and returned to Citizens Energy. Since its inception, Citizens Energy has grown to encompass seven separate companies, including one of the largest energy-conservation businesses in the U.S.

Mr. Kennedy Jr. stated, "It's important for an emerging energy company to have strong guidance, especially in a period of hyper-growth. I appreciate the opportunity to help guide Mainland Resources' forward development efforts."