CGG Launches HDPIC Seismic Technology

At the SEG 2003 annual meeting in Dallas, CGG launched HDPIC, a new approach to picking seismic velocities that reconciles geologists and geophysicists by delivering geologically meaningful seismic attributes. HPDIC is a new feature of A+ processing, CGG's fully anistropic seismic data processing service, which exploits the Earth's anisotropy to deliver a sharper, more focused image of the reservoir.

Guillaume Cambois, CGG's executive vice president for Data Processing & Reservoir Services, explains: "Geologists and geophysicists have been at odds over seismic velocities for the last forty years. Our HDPIC technology at last offers a way of getting them to agree by delivering attributes that geologists can interpret while flattening the gathers!"

Velocities are critical for both geologists and geophysicists but do not necessarily mean the same thing to each discipline. Until now, anisotropy, which must be handled properly for velocities to become geologically meaningful, has remained unresolved by prestack migration schemes. With CGG's HDPIC technology, the effects of anisotropy are effectively separated from velocity estimation so that the resulting fields make more geological sense.