GMXR Partially Completes Bosh H/B Well

GMX Resources announced the partial completion of the Bosh #19H Haynesville/Bossier ("H/B") horizontal well ("Hz") with a 10.1 million cubic feet of gas per day ("MMCF/D") initial production ("IP") rate. The well was drilled with a 4,153 foot lateral, and stimulated with 12 frac stages, however during the process of drilling out the plugs an obstruction prevented the last 5 1/2 stages from being accessed. After several attempts the Company made a decision to cease current efforts to drill out the remaining plugs and produce the well from approximately 6 1/2 stages across 2,174 feet of the open lateral. The well test was over 24 hours on a 14/64 choke with 4,526 pounds of Flowing Casing Pressure ("FCP") into a sales line with 590 pounds per square inch ("PSI") of Line Pressure ("LP"). Plans are to re-attempt to access the entire lateral in the future when pressures are favorable.

Additionally, the Blocker Heirs 20H has been successfully completed with a 4,450 foot lateral, stimulated with 11 frac stages and 11 perforations per stage. All the plugs have been successfully drilled out and the well is currently flowing back and is expected to have an IP test by April 16, 2010.