Njord Partners to Develop Northwest Flank

Partners in the Njord license will develop the northwest flank of Njord to increase the total recoverable reserves in the field, secure continued gas exports and extend its lifetime by up to two years. Located about 6 kilometers northwest of the Njord platform, the area's development will consist of drilling two new extended reach wells drilled directly from the platform with 8 kilometers of well paths. The wells will then be tied-back to the platform. Njord's reservoir contains both rich gas and condensate, and consists of two structures, A and B, which were discovered in 2007 and 2000, respectively. Additionally, Njord's northwest flank area contains higher pressure than in the main reservoir so modifications will be made to the platform. Contracts awarded will accommodate engineering, procurement and construction of new equipment, including risers and new elements for the process and drilling unit. The tender process will happen in the second half of 2010.Statoil serves as the operator of PL 107.

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