O&G Software Developers Launch New Company

An experienced team of software developers for the oil and gas industry today announced the launch of a new company, ComplyData LLC. The company develops industry-specific SaaS applications to address employee and compliance management issues, including U.S. Department of Transportation operator qualification and environmental, health and safety regulations.

ComplyData also announced the launch of its flagship product, the ComplyData Intelligent Portal™ (CDIP™), a subscription-based solution that allows companies in the oil and gas industry to organize compliance, safety and regulatory information easily and effectively. The Comply Data Intelligent Portal™ is a centralized, flexible and affordable alternative to manual processes and database-dependent systems.

"The oil and gas industry is heavily regulated, and the ever-changing regulatory requirements can be overwhelming," said Darla S. Bell, Managing Director of Oil and Gas for ComplyData. "Regulators are requiring more communication and transparency between owner/operators and contractors, so we created the ComplyData Intelligent Portal™ to streamline the compliance process, allowing users to spend more time building their business and less time on paperwork or databases systems that are difficult to use and in many cases create more work and inefficiencies."

The ComplyData Intelligent Portal utilizes a next-generation user interface, giving customers access to multiple applications simultaneously and offering an easy-to-use method of communication and compliance management between companies.

"We have spent more than 12 months working with our Customer Advisory Council and beta users to make sure the ComplyData Intelligent Portal™ is as efficient and easy to use as humanly possible," said Jim Wilmsen, Managing Director of Technology for ComplyData. "What's more, throughout our research and development cycle, we stressed affordability. Based on the tremendous feedback from our beta users, we think we've struck the right balance of performance and price."

Through the use of its proprietary Industry Specific Applications (ISAs), ComplyData is able to meet the needs of any industry that demands information faster and from multiple sources. While ComplyData's first segment concentration is on oil and gas, the company plans to expand into other industries as it grows.

"We look forward to continuing the evolution of this product and an unlimited set of applications," said Wilmsen.