PGS Advances Sicily 3D Survey for AuDAX

AuDAX reported that the PGS 3D seismic survey in the offshore Sicily Channel is progressing ahead of schedule.

The acquisition of the 3D seismic fast track cube over the Lambouka prospect was completed on the April 1st and is already being processed to be ready in time for the selection of the location for the Lambouka well. It is expected that the new data will enable the well to be optimally located on what is a very large and robust structure that is currently defined on 2D seismic.

Paul Fink, AuDAX Technical Director commented, "The onboard QC results for the seismic acquired look very encouraging and of excellent quality. The positioning of the Lambouka well location on state of the art 3D seismic will further reduce exploration risks."

The expected completion date for the entire survey April 16, 2010.