Brinx Spuds First Well at Oklahoma Project

Brinx Resources reported that drilling of the first well at the OK-5 Oklahoma Project has begun.

The OK-5#1 exploration well is expected to take approximately two to three weeks to reach total depth. The OK-5#1 well site was selected based on positive indications from 3D seismic surveys and is targeting hydrocarbon-bearing sands similar to that found at the Company's previously successful Oklahoma wells located in the same region.

"The weather has finally started to cooperate after a long wet and snowy winter that slowed and even stopped our field operations for long periods of times," said Leroy Halterman, President of Brinx Resources. "Our wells that have already been logged and cased for completion can now be completed and begin producing and selling oil and natural gas. At the present time, two recently completed wells are testing and completion has started on a third well. We have also targeted several other well locations to drill in the near future."