RBG Unveils New Cost-Cutting Inspection System

RBG has introduced a Real Time Digital Imaging System inspection technique which significantly benefits operators with reduced project times and increased cost savings.

The advanced radiation technology, which compliments the company's extensive range of Non Destructive Examination services, is a nonintrusive method of checking insulated pipe work and associated equipment for corrosion and water ingress. Traditionally, operators would have to identify and sample areas within the piping circuit where insulation had to be removed and inspections carried out, which can be time-consuming, costly and ineffective as potential defects are not always identified.

RBG's versatile process, which can be deployed without shutting down production, allows technicians to quickly scan large areas of piping circuits and identify problem sections. This means that defects can be addressed effectively and efficiently to maintain long-term asset integrity.

The Real Time Digital Imaging System projects digital video images onto a hand held LCD and head mounted display in real time, at 30 frames per second. Unlike previous x-ray systems, the image is presented continuously allowing rapid in-motion scanning of pipes through a range of material densities.

The system can be combined with RBG's expert rope access capability, allowing for easy access to elevated pipelines and connections on offshore platforms, as well as petrochemical plants, without the need for scaffolding. Compared to traditional radiography methods, the system offers a very safe working environment and eliminates the need for major work areas to be evacuated.

The technology has already benefited a major deepwater Gulf of Mexico operator, who contracted RBG to undertake inspection of a carbon steel platform piping system to determine the location of internal and external corrosion or water ingress. RBG was able identify the defects without the associated cost of removing sample sections of insulation. The system's portable nature also allowed it to be used in tandem with rope access, meaning the project was completed four weeks ahead of schedule.

The success of the project has lead to contracts being secured for several other of the operator's offshore platforms.

Steven Henderson, Operations Manager for RBG USA, said, "Introducing the new inspection technology is a direct result of client demand. Our first project has been a great success and there has been significant interest from a number of major operators. The digital imaging system brings significant financial and logistical benefits and we see it being a key part of our service offering across the region."