Alamo Acquires Data for UK Onshore Licenses

Alamo Energy announced the purchase of data for its UK onshore licenses to further define the areas of its future seismic shoot.

Alamo has acquired a 7.82km line of seismic data which runs into its 400 km sq exploration blocks along with well logs and reports for the Knockholt, Tatsfield and Lower Kingswood wells which are located in close proximity to Alamo's blocks.

We believe our early analysis of the data indicates that the structural trend and oil migration may support our model for the blocks. In addition to the acquisition of new data, Alamo is continuing its Permit Feasibility study. We hope that the data coupled with the results from the study will further define the 2D seismic shoot which we intend to undertake later this year.

Philip Mann, Alamo's Chief Financial Officer said, "We are making encouraging progress on our 2010 work program. Once we have completed both the analysis of the data and the survey, we believe we will be in a good position to press ahead with the seismic survey."