Veritas Has New 3-D Data For The GOM Western Gap

Veritas Marine Surveys, a subsidiary of Veritas DGC Inc. announced the availability of their Keathley Canyon Phase IV 3D survey located over the newly available Western Gap acreage in the Western Gulf of Mexico. The survey adds 140 blocks to Veritas' Western Gulf of Mexico Data Library bringing the total volume to 1,400 blocks of data available for evaluation for the upcoming Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 180 on August 22, 2001.

By utilizing their Visualization Center technology, Veritas is able to produce a Pre-stack Depth Migration product concurrently with the Pre-stack Time Migrated volume. The key to the superb imaging beneath the salt canopy continues to be the multiple 7,200-meter cable acquisition methods that provide continuous offset coverage. "By having this coverage, we are able to perform high quality depth imaging not easily obtained by previous data acquired in the area," says Carl Hutchins, President of Veritas Marine Surveys.

Veritas will be presenting information on all of its surveys available for the August MMS Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 180 at its booth at the AAPG in Denver. To view the details of the survey coverage please visit the Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale area on the Veritas website.