Departure's G-Force Drilling System Sets Record

Departure Energy Services' G-Force Vertical Guidance Drilling System has successfully completed its 100th well. The 100th G-Force well was drilled for NAL Resources in the Garrington field in Alberta, Canada. Departure is further pleased to inform that the 100th G-Force well has established a record as the fastest well ever drilled in the Garrington area and is the deepest well drilled thus far with G-Force reaching 3,544 meters (11 627 feet). Since the introduction of G-Force in October 2006 over 180,000 meters (590,551 feet) have been drilled with hole sizes ranging from 156mm, 200mm, 222mm and 311mm. Drilling services with G-Force have been provided to fifteen clients. 

Departure's G-Force Vertical Guidance Drilling System provides high performance drilling with a uniquely stabilized PDM with Tilt Module, trajectory control and real-time survey monitoring with Departure's MWDLite System and software. G-Force provides a lower cost alternative to full-service directional drilling operations and rotary steerables allowing operators to apply G-Force to any type of well they are drilling. G-Force enables the drilling foreman and rig crew to conduct steering operation of the Directional BHA after initial set-up. Departure can monitor well bore position through remote Electronic Data Recorder access and provide support to rig site personnel. G-Force engineered stabilized performance directional drilling assemblies are configured according to hole size, geographic location, geology, bit selection, well objectives and well design.