Petrobras Meets Key Demands from Oil Workers

Petrobras met the main wage hike demand by workers who had threatened to go on a three-day strike, but unions were still discussing the offer. Gerson Pires, communications secretary with FUP oil workers' umbrella union, said Petrobras offered the 15.5 percent direct wage hike, including for retired workers, which unions had been pressing for.

Previously, the company had agreed to a 10.7 percent direct raise and a one-grade increase on the wage scale for all workers, which jointly amounted to a 15.1 percent wage hike. Now the company has nixed the scale increase and offered workers a direct raise of 15.5 percent.

"It seems we got what we wanted from what we see so far, but we have to go through pages and pages of their proposal still and it's too early to say whether we accept it or not," Pires said.

It is likely that the workers will not stage a three-day strike as previously threatened.