Tenaris Sees Success with TenarisBlue on Ekofisk Well

Tenaris S.A. and its TenarisConnections subsidiary announce the successful running of the 5-1/2", 32 ppf, Q125 TenarisBlue ™ Dopeless ™ connection at the ConocoPhillips' Ekofisk X50 well in Norway. The liner string was comprised of multiple connections, with two sections of TenarisBlue ™ Dopeless ™.

This is the first time a Dopeless ™ connection has ever been run at an offshore location. The original goals were to carry out a reliable and efficient operation, with minimum impact on the environment. The TenarisBlue ™ Dopeless ™ was well suited to this objective with its excellent performance characteristics and the opportunity to eliminate pipe dope from the tubular column, which reduces both operational risks caused by the build up of dope and contaminants, and environmental risks related to losses of dope to the mud and formation.

The well at Ekofisk was a horizontal well and required a high performance connection to withstand additional pressure and compression, including being used as a rotating liner. TenarisBlue ™ worked under over torque conditions of 25,000 ft.lbs, well exceeding the standard value of 18,000 ft.lbs make-up torque.

With the strategic objective to improve drilling operations with new technology, while reducing the environmental impact of its operations, ConocoPhillips decided to use TenarisBlue ™ Dopeless ™. The connection dramatically reduced time for rig preparation and eliminated costly time-consuming tasks, such as removing storage compounds and applying dope. More importantly, combined with authomatic equipment, it eliminated the risk of having personnel on the drill floor to apply dope, which resulted in a safer operation.

Tenaris performed the running as part of a more complete service involving the entire supply chain starting from manufacturing and delivery, and including offshore preparation, rig-returns inspection and invoicing. A complete array of yard, well, and technical services was provided. The equipment was set-up at Weatherford's base followed by a simulation, and the crews were trained with Tenaris' assistance.

Overall, Tenaris simplified the whole casing preparation and running operations in deploying the TenarisBlue ™ Dopeless ™ connection. ConocoPhillips was pleased with the result and is planning to use the TenarisBlue ™ Dopeless ™ connection in future wells.