Bridge, Paramax ID Promising Gas Shows in Boise Basin

Bridge Resources and Paramax Resources announced that their second joint well in the Boise Basin, Idaho drilling program has been drilled to planned total depth of 4,500 feet and that production casing has been run and cemented to 3,000 feet.

Based on gas shows and wireline logs, the Espino 1-2 well has an aggregate 100 feet of potential Pliocene sands gas pays in four zones. Production testing will be undertaken with the same completion rig that will be mobilized later this month to test the previous M.L. Investments 1-10 well.

The rig is now being moved to drill the Island Capitol 1-19 well, a planned 5,000 foot exploratory test of a separate structure located eight km northeast of the M.L. Investments 1-10 well and 13 km north of the Espino 1-2 well. The overall drilling program is proceeding significantly ahead of schedule.