Mainland Welcomes New Advisory Member

Mainland Resources has appointed Philip A. Schaefer to its Advisory Committee.

Philip Schaefer is the founder of World Pension Forum. A former partner at Bear Sterns for seventeen years, Mr. Schaefer has had an illustrious career in private enterprise as well as public service.

He was appointed to the U.S. Council on the Humanities and confirmed by the United States Senate. He was also appointed by President Carter to the U.S. Circuit Judge Nominating Commission and appointed to the Small Business Administration. After graduating from Antioch College in 1964, Mr. Schaefer became a member of the first Peace Corps group sent to Kenya. Swahili remains his second language.

Mr. Schaefer organized the first post-apartheid conference in South Africa with President Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu. That conference was followed up by conferences around the world that included hosting several Nobel Peace Prize Winners.