Black Dragon Returns Wells to Production

Black Dragon has initiated a strict regiment to return more wells than expected to production in its large portfolio of proven reserves. These achievements have been made possible due to favorable oil prices coupled with improved weather conditions. BDGR has substantially increased its current oil output 37.5% over last month's numbers at a time when oil prices historically increase through the Summer months. Production numbers have increased drastically over the last month's period and the company expects to see this trend continue throughout the dry season.

According to the Chairman and CEO, Mr. Smith, "Black Dragon is committed to the continual development of our portfolio of proven reserves. BDGR is in a unique position to harvest its proven reserves on a low cost basis, therefore achieving historically above-average returns on our oil and gas properties. Favorable oil prices have created countless opportunities for Dragon in recent days due to our cost-effective business model accompanied by the foresight of the Board of Directors at Dragon to continuously seek new technology applications. We intend to announce several new and exciting opportunities and technologies to shareholders in the coming days and weeks ahead."