16 Powerwave Systems to be Installed in Utah Waterflood

Wavefront Technology Solutions announced that a Houston-based independent oil and gas operator will be installing 16 Powerwave systems in an active waterflood in Utah.

The Utah field is approximately 180,000 net acres with more than two billion barrels of oil in place. The estimated recovery factor is 20 percent. There are approximately 1,400 producing oil wells in the asset with an additional 500 water injection wells. The client's objectives for 2010 are to increase production rates by 15 percent through a combination of drilling and improved water injection.

"Wavefront is very pleased to be adding this important new client, who has additional operations in locations throughout the globe," said Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson. "We are confident that Powerwave will bring significant benefit to the client by increasing current production rates, and more importantly, maximizing ultimate oil recovery well beyond those currently estimated for the field."