TGS-NOPEC Undertakes Deepwater GOM 3D Reprocessing Project

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical has initiated an extensive reprocessing project called MC Revival on over 14,000 square kilometers (627 OCS blocks) of 3D seismic data located in the Mississippi Canyon area of offshore Louisiana. Employing the latest algorithms for 3D Kirchhoff pre-stack time migration (PSTM), TGS-NOPEC will offer migrated gathers as well as several partial stack volumes to facilitate advanced amplitude vs. offset (AVO) analysis. Supported with customer pre-funding, the project will be delivered in three phases with final completion scheduled during the third quarter of 2004.

TGS-NOPEC's original Mississippi Canyon 3D program was acquired in 1999-2000 with 8000-meter streamer offsets. It remains one of the most widely utilized surveys for exploration in the Mississippi Canyon area as well as one of the largest regional 3D seismic programs ever recorded in the Gulf of Mexico. MC Revival is another example of TGS-NOPEC's commitment to providing new value added products generated with the best available technology. The company also offers a Mississippi Canyon 3D pre-stack depth migrated product (PSDM), completed in October 2002.