Mesa Gets Go-Ahead for Java Field Recompletions

Mesa Energy Holdings has received permits from the NY Department of Environmental Conservation to move forward with its re-completion plans on two existing Medina wells in its Java Field natural gas development project in Wyoming County, New York.

"An initial round of location maintenance, through-casing logging and evaluation was completed on the two wells in December 2009, and now that we have our permits in place, we can begin the next phase," said CEO of Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc., Randy M. Griffin. "The preliminary data obtained in December 2009 on both wells clearly supports our project in the Java Field and now that we have received permits, we can proceed with the final planning and execution of the re-completion of both wells."

The through-casing logs that were run in December 2009 indicated that there is nearly 200 ft. of high quality shale with good organic content in the Marcellus zone; nearly twice as much as the Company initially anticipated. The two wells are approximately three miles apart and the log over the Marcellus zone in each is almost indistinguishable from the other. This indicates that the Marcellus zone appears to be evenly distributed across the acreage.