HIS Introduces Money Saving Services for Freight Testing

Halo Inspection Services announced the addition of on-site mobile load testing and NDT services. Through a license agreement with IntegriCert, HIS has acquired the newest mobile testing unit designed by IntegriCert, and can now offer a more complete service lineup designed to improve safety keep LIFE FIRST in the oilfield.

The mobile testing unit was originally designed out of necessity to test transit containers in a way that would simulate real-world loading. Methods had already existed to test containers this way, but they always required shipping heavy-dead weights to the customer's facility, requiring the use of cranes, or shipping the containers to a load testing facility. This mobile testing unit eliminates those expenses by bringing a compact mobile testing unit and NDT supplies on-site in an unobtrusive package. The unit is self contained on HIS' truck equipped with a crane so the customer is not required to do any work at all and all the processes are performed without any interference with the customer's daily routine. The mobile testing unit is not only designed to test transit containers, but it can be configured to test equipment skids, pad eyes, spreader bars, and a variety of specialty items that were previously difficult or impossible to test.

The unit's versatility and efficiency is paired with the RFID based online certificate and asset management system which makes NDT and load test certificates available online 24/7 as soon as testing is complete, in addition to automatically emailing customers reports of items that are due for testing or inspection.

Brad Vannoy, Vice President of HIS, commented, "This new service by HIS will offer our customers a solution to eliminate trucking their baskets and containers to various areas to be tested, therefore saving them money on freight. The testing that is done on these baskets and containers not only test the pad eyes but also test the integrity of the load path which is also as important as the pad eyes. We feel with this we will be able to save the customer time and money with these services."