Kuwait, Saudi To Discuss Development Of Offshore Dorra Field

Kuwait Oil Minister Sheik Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah will meet his Saudi counterpart Ali Naimi in Riyadh Saturday to discuss plans concerning the development of Dorra gas field located in the offshore neutral zone between the two countries, the Kuwait Oil Ministry said late Tuesday.

Dorra was first discovered in November 1967 and drilling of six exploratory wells then proved the commercial reserves of gas and condensates at the field.

The field also straddles Iranian territory and Kuwait needs to delineate its boundaries with Iran before it can proceed with development work.

Al-Sabah said last week that most of the field area is in the Kuwaiti-Saudi side, but it's not clear if the two countries would go ahead with development work without an agreement with Iran.

Kuwait, which produces only associated gas, badly needs natural gas to substitute burning heavy fuel oil at its power stations.

Kuwait's plans to import gas from Qatar has been hindered by a Saudi refusal to let pipelines from Qatar to Kuwait pass through its territories due to strained relations between the Saudi and Qatar governments.

Kuwait now is negotiating to import gas from Iran, but little progress has been made on the plans.