Wanner Engineering Snags OTC Award for Triplex Pumps Series

Wanner Engineering is a recipient of a 2010 Spotlight on New Technology Award from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for the company's new Hydra-Cell T80 Series triplex pumps. Recognizing innovative technologies every year, the OTC award is exclusively for OTC exhibitors and is designed to showcase the latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future, OTC states. The Hydra-Cell T80 Series pumps will be displayed at the Wanner Engineering booth #6617 at OTC May 3-5, 2010 at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas.

The new Hydra-Cell T80 Series pumps are packing-free and designed to replace packed plunger pumps in oil and gas applications, according to Wanner Engineering. Featuring a sealless diaphragm design, T80 Series pumps eliminate hazardous VOC emissions, clean-up and disposal costs of packed-pump leakage, the need for external lubrication, and maintenance and plunger wear problems associated with packing. In addition to zero leakage, T80 Series pumps can run dry without damage, will operate with a closed or blocked suction line, and can pump abrasive fluids effectively. These performance features enable the T80 Series pumps to compete with traditional plunger pumps by providing lower costs of ownership and maintenance as well as longer service life.

Hydra-Cell T80 Series pumps received an OTC Spotlight award based on five criteria published by OTC: (1) New -- introduced within the past two years; (2) Innovative -- original, groundbreaking, and capable of revolutionizing the offshore exploration and processing industry; (3) Proven -- demonstrated by full-scale application or successful prototype testing; (4) Broad Interest -- potential for wide-ranging appeal in the industry; and (5) Significant Impact -- provide significant benefits beyond existing technologies, with environmental impact an important judging criterion.

As described by Wanner Engineering, Hydra-Cell T80 Series pumps employ asynchronous, hydraulically-balanced diaphragms with a patented valve system that allow the diaphragms to be hydraulically coupled to the displacing plungers with no mechanical coupling required. As a result, the pump can handle high pressures with low stress. The pump operates by displacing oil with three plungers, and the oil flexes diaphragms against the fluid being pumped. This eliminates the environmental concerns of packed plunger pumps and provides virtually pulse-free, linear flow.

The new T80 Series pumps combine a compact design with a double-ended shaft to offer a variety of installation options for oil and gas processing applications, the company states, including: jet lift, produced water/brine transfer or disposal, natural gas liquids, crude oil transfer, methanol and glycol injection, hydrocarbon processing, glycol systems, and amine injection.