Mesa Energy Welcomes New Advisory Board Member

Mesa Energy Holdings announced today that Nicholas A. Spano, former New York Senator, has been named to the Company's Advisory Board. Senator Spano brings to the Company over 27 yeas of experience as a New York political leader and advocate for New York related matters.

"We welcome Senator Spano to our Advisory Board," said CEO of Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc., Randy M. Griffin. "With his strong background as a former New York State Senator and Assemblyman, he is a recognized authority in political issues. His support and guidance will be invaluable."

"I look forward to providing Randy with support and strategic guidance as he commences drilling activities in western New York," said Nicholas A. Spano. "With the Marcellus Shale in our backyard, there are great opportunities for the State to benefit from the Company's activities. The Company intends to develop and produce natural gas in western New York which can potentially provide the local region with new jobs, tax dollars and a supply of natural gas."

Senator Spano is a member of the Richmond Children’s Center, Westchester Mental Health Association and Enrico Fermi Educational Foundation. He received a B.A. in Political Science at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York.