KBR Subsidiary Scores FEED Contract in North Sea

KBR announced that its consulting subsidiary, Granherne, has been selected to take part in the FEED contract for the Greenfield sections of Hess Denmark South Arne Phase 3 Development in the North Sea. Granherne was selected for the study via a competitive bidding process. The project will utilize the combined expertise of Granherne and KBR and has assembled an experienced team to manage the fast track schedule.

"This project will further consolidate our excellent relationship with Hess which has built up over several smaller studies," said Richard Souza, Vice President, Granherne. The project has a very tight schedule and we look forward to working with Hess to meet that challenge.

The scope of the project comprises two new well head platforms, one of which is bridge linked to the existing South Arne facility. The other is located 2.5 km NNW of the existing platform. The two platforms are linked by subsea pipelines and an umbilical.