JayHawk Reaches TD on Second Well in North Dakota

JayHawk Energy has reached total depth (TD), 6,360 feet, on the Jenks #1 well which was spud on March 18, 2010, and is located in the Crosby Field, Divide County, North Dakota. The logs for the Jenks #1 look very similar to its first well, the Knudson #1. Preliminary results indicate pay sections on both wells of 8 feet and 3 feet. Marshall Diamond-Goldberg, President of JayHawk Energy stated, "It was very gratifying to see the logs on both wells come in within our expected reservoir parameters. We are looking forward to completing and testing both wells shortly."

The Jenks #1 is being cased for production and will await a service rig to perforate and acidize the well prior to production testing. The service rig is currently located on the Knudson #1 well with completion of that well beginning today. The testing for both wells should take approximately two weeks. Once the wells are tested, JayHawk intends to equip them for production.

Further information regarding the production testing results of the Company's two new wells will be provided in a timely fashion.