Oliver Valves Successfully Tests New Rig

Oliver Valves has successfully completed the first test run on its newly installed Ventil test rig.

The run of comprehensive checks follows the acquisition of the state of the art computerized rig in late 2009.

Analysed during the maiden run were 12 x 8" Twinsafe valves -- cartridge-style Double Block and Bleed valves used to provide guaranteed isolation in oil and gas pipeline applications.

The valves weigh 600lb (272kg) each and were part of an order of 21 units for an Australian distributor.

The new rig, which is specifically designed to test Twinsafe Double Block and Bleed valves -- used to control flow by the world's largest oil and gas firms -- features an innovative clamp mount which avoids the time-consuming process of connecting each valve using conventional flange seals.

It is also fully automated and, once the valve is mounted, runs through the entire test cycle at the push of a button before digitally reporting the results -- further cutting the time required.

Mark Oliver, deputy chairman of Oliver Valves, said, "The new rig is already proving its value, as reduced test times allow us to deliver orders to customers more quickly while maintaining exceptional standards of quality control.

"The new system is saving approximately 80 minutes per valve and, across a big order, this translates into a significant time saving.

"The rig is compatible with Twinsafe valves with bore sizes ranging from 2" right up to 14", including 8" 2500lb, 12" 900lb and 14" 900lb pressure classes."