TN-K Drills First Location in Checkerboard Aquisition

TN-K Energy Group announced that drilling is complete on the first location of the AENY Checkerboard acquisition. This was the first of ten locations to be drilled by Americas Energy Company on the JR Clark lease in Green County, Kentucky.

The well was drilled to a total depth of 1,900 feet, with a show of oil in the Knox formation at 1,700 feet. TN-K Energy Group is the operator of said well and will now begin testing the well for commercial value.

"I am very excited to see weather improvement," said Ken Page, President and CEO of TN-K Energy. "This means that we can get back to our vigorous pace of drilling and producing oil on our leases. We have more than 80 well locations to be drilled. With the two checkerboard acquisitions, we have well over 60 locations to be drilled on the JR and Pansy Clark leases, along with more than 20 well locations in other counties in Tennessee and Kentucky.