EVTN Snags High Volume Separator Order for E&P Industry

Enviro Voraxial Technology received a purchase order to deploy a Voraxial® 4000 Separator to the oil & gas exploration and production industry for oil and solids separation.

The Voraxial® 4000 Separator, which processes and separates contaminates from water at rates of 15,000 barrels per day, will be used as a 3-way separator to extract oil and solids from wastewater generated during the production process. A significant quantity of wastewater is produced during the typical oil & gas production operations. The Produced Water Society estimates that over 1 trillion gallons of produced water is generated each year.

The Voraxial was chosen for its ability to efficiently and economically process a large volume of liquids with a small footprint and no pressure drop requirement. The Voraxial's footprint is significantly smaller than competing products allowing the customer to treat the wastewater in a more compact manner. In addition, the customer experiences cost savings on the installation, operation and maintenance of the Voraxial.