Subsea UK Promotes Collaboration with Australian Subsea Firms

Subsea UK is in Australia this week to promote collaboration between UK and Australian subsea firms. The industry body will encourage a collaborative approach to meet the increasing capacity challenges which may constrain development of oil and gas fields in the Asia Pacific region.

In association with the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and Subsea Energy Australia (SEA), Subsea UK has organized a two-day, subsea-focused conference in parallel with Australia Oil & Gas (AOG) which begins March 24, 2010.

Expected to attract over 450 delegates, the subsea event will highlight the business and technical challenges along with the solutions for Australia's growing subsea sector. 

Subsea UK chief executive, Alistair Birnie, will open the first session that will focus on exploring new opportunities in Australasian subsea markets. He said, "The oil and gas industry in the Australasia region is evolving rapidly and the subsea industry has a crucial role to play. However the speed of growth has led to pinch-points, particularly in terms of availability of vessels and skills, which must be addressed. While local capability is growing, there are now real issues around capacity which can be filled through collaboration of local expertise with overseas experience and resources. 

"There are therefore significant opportunities for UK companies in this region and the potential for local companies to reap greater rewards by combining forces." 

Subsea UK has put together a program of technical and commercial presentations. Industry leading speakers, including Douglas Westwood chairman, John Westwood and Craig Broussard, vice president of Subsea 7, will explore the timing of growth, which projects will be key in setting the pace, factors that will limit growth potential and how these factors will affect business development opportunities in the region.

Subsea UK chairman, Bill Edgar, alongside a panel of high profile speakers, will investigate the current subsea technical challenges and provide an update on key technologies capabilities and innovations that could potentially make a significant contribution to the success of future subsea developments.

The conference will also feature technical sessions that will examine subsea systems engineering, long-distance tiebacks and geophysics and geohazards to define subsea engineering risks.