Sartor Secures $52MM in Offshore Rescue Work

Sartor Offshore Rescue has won work with a total value of US $52MM in the first two months of the year to provide emergency rescue and recovery services in the North Sea.

Among several new contracts is one to supply TOTAL E&P UK Ltd with the Ocean Ness for up to 10 years, securing at least 30 jobs. The field support vessel will depart Aberdeen at the end of March for its 130 nautical miles (240 km) to TOTAL's Elgin and Franklin fields in the Central North Sea. Sartor Offshore Rescue currently manages a fleet of 13 ERRVs (emergency response rescue vessel), MRVs (multi-role vessel) and PSVs (platform supply vessel) out of Aberdeen, all of which are working in the North Sea with one leaving shortly to take up a contract in Brazil. 

The Ocean Ness (1864 gross tons) is designed for offshore rescue, tanker and field assistance, towing and carrying and unloading cargo to rigs and production platforms. The vessel has recently completed a 10-year contract with Shell and TAQA supporting the Tern, Eider & North Cormorant fields. It has a capacity for 300 survivors if required and is equipped with two fast rescue and two daughter craft. 

John Bryce, managing director of Sartor Offshore Rescue, said, "Winning a number of contracts, including the TOTAL contract, is a very positive start to the year as well as recognition of our excellent safety record. The long-term nature of the contract shows faith in our company. 

"We have invested significantly into the Scottish shipping industry and built an excellent team of predominantly British seafarers to provide the highest-quality service for our customers. We are delighted that the work we are doing and the service we are providing is being recognized by new clients." 

Stephane Caillau, logistics and marine manager for TOTAL E&P UK, said, "TOTAL E&P UK has visited the MRV Ocean Ness and first impressions of the vessel were extremely positive. The Captain and crew actively promote safety and the vessel's capabilities. We look forward to a long and safe working partnership."