Statoil Selects TDW for North Sea Pipeline Isolation Services

TDW Offshore Services AS (TDW) has entered into a framework contract with Statoil ASA to provide pipeline pressure isolation services and equipment for its installations located in the Norwegian North Sea. The agreement requires TDW to supply pipeline pressure isolation services with its remotely-operated SmartPlug® technology.

Several isolation operations to facilitate scheduled maintenance are set to take place this year. This month, TDW isolated designated sections of a pipeline attached to the Draupner platforms, which form a critical hub in Norway's network of submarine gas trunklines, and play a key role in Norway's gas transport system to continental Europe. Later this spring, TDW plans to carry out similar services on a gas pipeline attached to the Statfjord B production platform, located in the Statfjord Area in the North Sea.

TDW has been providing pressure isolation services since August 2002, when it entered into an initial two‐year agreement with Statoil. Since then, Statoil has consistently exercised every option to extend its agreement with TDW. Recently, TDW successfully isolated the 22‐inch gas export line attached to the Huldra platform, and two 28‐inch import oil lines at the Sture terminal near Bergen in western Norway.

"Over time, Statoil has reaped a number of benefits as the result of pipeline pressure isolation services that TDW has delivered," said Rutger Schouten, Director of Offshore Operations and Technology for TDW. "Key benefits lie in reduced downtime, no or low decommissioning costs, and increased throughput compared with alternative methods. The recent renewal of our 2002 framework contract with Statoil is a testament to the confidence that Statoil places in TDW's ability to deliver our specialized pipeline isolation services. We look forward to providing Statoil with the high quality, efficient services that they have come to rely upon," he added.