GL Noble Denton Unveils Pipeline Leak Detection with SPS

GL Noble Denton's Andrew Wilde gave the answers to how a pipeline leak can be efficiently managed in the Offshore Asia's conference session. In his presentation entitled Pipeline Leak Detection with Stoner Pipeline Simulator (SPS), Wilde listed some of the reasons for pipeline operators implementing pipeline leak systems and exemplified the consequence.

"In the wake of some disastrous accidents, pipeline operators are well advised to install a leak detection system in order to maintain a safe operation. Some countries have already passed laws requiring leak detection systems."

Wilde demonstrated how SPS helps conduct real-time leak detection, such as the analysis of leak size and leak location, using multiple methodologies. Driven by SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) measurements, this online leak finder is applicable to liquid and gas pipelines. "As a worldwide leader in transient flow simulation, GL Noble Denton's SPS can deliver a more comprehensive and reliable view of the pipeline's operation than is available from a SCADA system alone," commented Mr. Wilde.