IET Utilizes EPA-Registered Technology in Marcellus Shale

Integrated Environmental Technologies and Benchmark Performance Group jointly announced today that the EPA-registered product, Excelyte®, has again been successfully used in a gas well fracturing treatment, this time in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale. Benchmark has also been informed that additional fracturing treatments utilizing Excelyte® are planned for later this month in other areas of the U.S. To date, approximately one-half million gallons of Excelyte® have been manufactured for use in oil and gas applications.

The Marcellus Shale treatment, begun in mid-February and continued through mid-March, required 175,000 gallons of Excelyte® to be available to cover the multi-stage treatment required to hydraulic fracture stimulate the well. Water quality fluctuated during the course of the job, requiring Excelyte® to be used at loadings ranging from 8 to 25 gallons of Excelyte® per 1,000 gallons of frac water used at the location. Total Excelyte® comprised only as little as about two percent of the total fluid pumped into the well. The Excelyte® used in this treatment was manufactured by Benchmark at its Midland, Texas facility. Benchmark's trucking company, Benchmark Distribution Services (BDS), provided the transportation logistics and personnel to support the month-long job.

The primary use of Excelyte® is to eliminate bacteria in water employed in oil and gas wells. Bacteria are often responsible for pipe corrosion problems and for the creation of hazardous hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). By eliminating these problem-bacteria from water used to treat wells, operators are mitigating potential damage to their wells and minimizing the potential for generating H2S.

Bill Prince, Chairman of Integrated Environmental Technologies' Board of Directors stated, "We are impressed. Benchmark continues to demonstrate the potential for Excelyte® in oil and gas well applications at a time when more and more pressure is coming to bear on that industry to provide safer, more environmentally-responsible ways to frac wells."

Wayne Kinsey, President and CEO of Benchmark, and Vice-Chairman of Integrated Environmental Technologies' Board of Directors, said, "It was as if Excelyte® had been made for the Marcellus. Water quality varied, and Excelyte® is unique in its capacity to provide a quick way to know how much biocide is required to address a given water quality situation. We’ve been working on just this kind of field application of Excelyte® for over two years, and I am certainly pleased about the news of its performance."