API: Hydraulic Fracturing Is Safe and Effective

The American Petroleum Institute released the following statement today on EPA's announcement that it will conduct a comprehensive research study to investigate the relationship between hydraulic fracturing and water quality:

"We expect the study to confirm what 60 years of experience and investigation have already demonstrated: that hydraulic fracturing is a safe and well understood technology for producing oil and natural gas. We hope the agency will provide ample opportunity for stakeholder comment and participation during the course of its study. Our members are experts on well construction and development and on safe and effective hydraulic fracturing operations.

"While the technology has been used for more than a half century, its continued use is crucial. It is enabling access to massive new supplies of natural gas trapped in shale formations across the United States. These new finds have multiplied the nation's natural gas resources and will help generate electricity, heat homes and power vehicles for generations of Americans to come. Development of this natural gas also will mean thousands of new U.S. jobs and help the nation reduce its greenhouse gas emissions."