Standard Oil Company Shuffles Management

Standard Oil Co., formerly International Energy LTD, has completed the appointment of a new Board of Directors.

  • Mr. Ronald Brooks, Chairman
  • Mr. Jim McCormick, CEO and Director
  • Mr. Stan Casad, President and Director
  • Ms. Shirley Lebien, Director
  • Mr. Lee Hanh, Director
  • Mr. John Probandt, Director
  • Mr. Don Teeters, Director
  • Mr. Norman C. Buenaflor, Director

Mr. Ronald Brooks, Standard Oil Company USA's Chairman, is quoted as saying, "We are honored to be representing the shareholders' interests in a new company on the brink of greatness. Standard Oil Company is a famous name from America's rich oil and gas history and Standard Oil Company USA will become just that in America's oil and gas future."