GeoGlobal Commences 3D Seismic Onshore India

GeoGlobal Resources has commenced the 3D seismic acquisition program on its KG-ONN-2004/1 onshore exploration block (KG Onshore Block).

The 3D seismic acquisition is planned to cover approximately 548 square kilometers with approximately 400 square kilometers of full-fold data as a result of seismic acquisition restrictions in the reserve forest. The contractor, KazakhstanCaspiyShelf (KCS), a company established in February 1993 by the Kazakhstan government, is expected to complete the seismic acquisition and part of the processing over the next eight months.

"The acquisition and processing on our KG Onshore Block is complex, with land, marine and transition surveys to be merged into one cohesive 3D seismic dataset," stated Jean Paul Roy, President and CEO of the Company. "This 3D seismic data will help define and confirm drilling targets that have already been selected from the existing 2D seismic dataset. We anticipate OIL, as operator, will commence drilling operations on this block before the end of the third quarter in 2010."