Palantir Deploys Global Planning System for Talisman

Palantir Solutions was tasked with building a standardized planning system with advanced reporting and portfolio planning capability for Talisman Energy. The system would ultimately be used to run the business plan globally at the corporate level to forecast financial statements. The newly installed system is based on its core software products: PalantirCash, PalantirPlan and PalantirFinancials. Palantir has previously implemented software for Talisman Energy in regions including Aberdeen and Norway.

Jason Ambrose, MD, Palantir Solutions commented, "We are pleased to be working with a large and dynamic international company like Talisman. Consolidated data links from Talisman's global operating regions funnel intelligence in to the new economic and financial planning system. Palantir provides a number of benefits which include standardized reporting allowing detailed and rapid comparative performance of assets to capture changes in the environment across Talisman's business operations.

"There are seven databases comprising of more than twenty reporting regions in eight currencies. The results are aggregated to provide a complete overall picture of Talisman's business. Palantir had consultants working in Calgary, the UK, Norway, Indonesia and Malaysia to implement the software and assist with business planning process."