Wavefront Expands Powerwave's Success in Alberta Oil Field

Wavefront Technology announced that its southern Alberta client is expanding the use of Powerwave to an eastern Alberta oil asset.

This asset is in the same area of Wavefront's longest running Powerwave program which has also recently expanded with its success in increasing oil production. Wavefront also anticipates the client will soon broaden Powerwave use in its southern Alberta asset. For competitive reasons, the client and field locations cannot be named.

"Nothing breeds success like success," said Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson. "Powerwave continues to help clients significantly increase oil production, and many of them now want to further leverage the technology to achieve even greater benefit. Expansion to a second asset is evidence of the Albertan producer recognizing Powerwave's strengths in increasing production rates as well as improving ultimate oil recovery, and it is indicative of interest we have received internationally as well."